10 October, 2012

Ben's Dream & a Long-Awaited Announcement

So I (Ben) don't remember my dreams but rarely, however two nights ago I had a really funny/heart-melting one.

I dreamed that it was the day we gave birth and that we had a little boy.  It was the day of delivery itself and Megan was off in a class or a meeting, so I was getting to enjoy a little father/son time.  Oh, he was already about a year old, maybe 2.  Anyway, we were walking around the city together, me holding him in my right arm when I had a realization, "CRAP!  Now I have to name you!"

There were two names Megan and I had been discussing but I hadn't decided which I liked best.  I thought, "Well I can try out these names right now and we'll see how the little guy reacts to them."  He was looking up at me this whole time, so I looked down at him and asked,

"Are you Grant Arthur?"

(Grant is my great-great-grandfather and Arthur is my grandfather's middle name.) He looked away but I could tell that he had a little smile on his face so I asked again, "Are you Grant Arthur?"  He looked back up at me and his smile was a little bigger.  I thought, "Okay, he seems to like that one okay, let's try the other one."

"Are you Samuel Jay?"  At this, his smile dropped, he looked at me very seriously and said,

"Not so much."  I cracked up laughing in my dream when he said this, so I sat down on the edge of a flower bed to text this to Megan.  He asked me, "what are you doing, Daddy?" and I said, "I have to text this to your mom, that was so funny!"

For some reason, the sky went black and the screen of my phone became so bright I couldn't focus my eyes on it anymore.  I turned off the phone and soon after, the sky returned to its normal brightness.  I could see our son again and he wrapped his arms around me, rested his head on my chest and said,

"This is my Daddy."

I woke up, heart melted and still chuckling.

Today, we had another sonogram, the 5th in which we've tried to determine our baby's gender.  Yes, we've heard from a lot of people that 'waiting is so much better, more surprising, etc.' but we wanted to know :D (helps Megan know what colors of yarn to buy).  In all the previous sonograms, our baby was REALLY shy, not giving the doctors or us a clear view of anything.  Three times we heard, "I think it's a girl" and once in the same appointment, "I'm 1000% sure it's a boy" turned back into, "I think it's a girl".

Well today, the doctor and both of us saw CLEARLY that I must be a prophet because WE'RE HAVING A SON!!!

His name is Grant Arthur Naylor