09 February, 2012

Photo Dump

Today's post is a a photo dump. Basically, lots of photos that didn't have their own posts, but I still think you might enjoy them. I'll put short captions under them so you have some idea what they are!

Our living room! There are new pillows now, but it was so beautiful with the sun I had to take a photo.

The view from our little guest room/ office. There is a fold-out bed. You should come visit!

New Year's Eve from our bedroom balcony.

Snow! And a shot of the tram that runs out front.

Sunrise from our living room window.
Freedom Bridge

I love this man VERY much!

Ben playing percussion at the New Year's Eve service at a church

Me and Krystal when she came to visit last week.

An amazing surprise when I opened the bag of frozen creamed spinach! All the chunks were heart-shaped!

Teaching a chocolate chip cookie making class to two ladies from our language class.

We made 3 batches and they were delicious!

Tabea is a student from Germany and had to go back as soon as class ended :(

Oana is Romanian and married to a Hungarian. I'm looking forward to getting to know her more!

I hope that satisfies any photo cravings you might be having!