28 January, 2011

Exercising our Faith Muscles

This is our first post on our new blog. We will be chronicling our adventures in support raising, training, and finally living in Budapest, Hungary for two years. As of right now, our plan is to be in Budapest for two years. After that, we will come back to Texas as we decide if God is calling us to Hungary long- term or if He has other plans for us!

On to the story that everyone is wanting to hear!

Ben and I have been support raising for Budapest for about 4 months now. Our goal this whole time has been to make it to training in February. Things were looking great and we stepped out on faith. We gave our apartment 30 days notice and Ben gave his job 2 weeks notice.

Training starts February 7th and we have been packing up our apartment this week to leave on Wednesday for North Carolina. It was a sad time, but things were going fairly smoothly.

We found out Monday that we did not have enough in our account to go training.

*Cue the little girl inside me to start crying*

Ok, the big girl on the outside cried too.

After a couple of boxes of kleenex and some time to vertically monologue in a heated manner, Ben and I decided it might be a good idea to pray. Always a good idea, but sometimes you need to rant at Him a little before you're ready to be on speaking terms. As usual, He was waiting with open arms.

We told Him how desperately we wanted to do His will, but we didn't know what we were supposed to do. If we needed to wait, we would wait, but if we were supposed to go now, there were things we needed to do! It seemed like most of our friends did not think were going to be able to go to training. We needed to raise $5,600 in three days and while we know that our Father owns the cattle on a thousand hills, sometimes it's hard to convince ourselves that there will be ground beef for dinner tonight.

I have to admit I was mad. I was mad at the people that didn't think my God was big enough to come up with thousands of dollars in a few days! I was mad at myself for doubting this at times too. I shared with Ben that I just wanted someone to give us a gift, no matter how small, and say "I know it's not all you need, but I wanted to be a part of getting you to training in February, because I know God can do it!"

Thirty minutes after we prayed this, some of our supporters called. They were going to give us a gift in April, but decided to do it earlier because they believed God could get us to training. They did it online and the money was on it's way at the exact same time Ben and I were praying for it.

Now the big girl was totally justified in bawling her eyes out...
and she did so...

Ben and I felt that God was telling us to continue walking in faith as He was working it out. We were supposed to go to training, so we better start packing and getting ready to go. Wednesday was coming soon.

However, within 72 hours of learning about our need, we did not have the $5,600 we needed.

We had almost $10,000!

Ben and I had a date last night as Jason's Deli. Our dinner had just arrived and Ben's phone started to ring. Now my husband is a gentleman and since it was an unknown number he was about to hit "Ignore" and start in on his food. I had a weird feeling and told him to go ahead and answer it. It was a church we interviewed with on Tuesday afternoon.

They wanted to give us $7,000.

I stopped wearing mascara this week.
It's been too dangerous.

"Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths."
Proverbs 3:5-6 (Sometimes the KJV says it just right)

We're going to training!

Ben & Megan