09 October, 2011

More Crafts and a Day at the Fair

Our middle niece came to visit for a long weekend. I decided now was a great time for me to try some of the repurposing projects I saw on Pinterest. First, T and I did "science" by using a bleach pen to decorate some T-shirts that my mom picked up from Hobby Lobby. Mine turned out really cool, but we didn't leave the bleach on T's long enough so the pattern is really faint. It still looks cool, though, but I forgot to take pictures.

My next project was to take some of my old clothes and turn them into clothes for T. Two old camisoles turned into two strappy dresses (no pictures). Another old camisole and a yard of teal knit fabric became a top with super-cute ruffle skirt!

Then I turned one of my old sweaters that I used to love into a sweater-dress:

Then my dad and mom took T, Ben, and me to the State Fair so she could model for me.

Ok, maybe they didn't go so she could model for me, but that might have been my prime motivation.

We had a great day despite the rain! We got to see the dog show and ride the ferris wheel. We also got to try a variety of fried things. Ben commented later that we didn't have a thing to eat at the fair that was not fried. I think that's the point of the state fair, though, don't you?

Fried food we ate:
Corn dog
Buffalo chicken on a flapjack
The Ultimate Fried Cheeseburger (with fried onions, fried cheese, fried pickles, & fried green tomatoes)
Fried salsa
Funnel cake
Fried bubblegum

Funnel cake is my favorite and I only ever get it when we go to a carnival, so that one my must-have. Ben wanted to try a whole bunch of things, but the only thing I would have again is the fried salsa. It was incredible!

We had an amazing day and pray that someday our arteries will recover :)

I wanted to end this post with what may be my new favorite picture. I just call it "Joy!"

03 October, 2011

I have a problem...

I have an addictive personality when it comes to arts and crafts. I blame it on my mother who always kept me occupied with crafts as a child. She claimed if she didn't, I would be "building bombs in the basement." The fact that we didn't have a basement at the time when she first said this makes me wonder what it was I did that caused her to question the construction of our home...

Granted, I later majored in chemistry and was able to constantly deal with hazardous chemicals without blowing up a single thing!

Although, there was that poorly placed dessicator one time.

How you break one inch glass is beyond me.

And beyond my TA

However, I managed it.

Ok, back on track.

I love crafts and have recently discovered Pinterest. It is an amazing way to catalog and store ideas.

And it's pretty too...

Now, you have the potential to waste a lot of time, but if you discipline yourself, it is an excellent service.

I'm not very disciplined.

Check me out at: http://pinterest.com/naylormade/

Ah, the other reason I'm posting.


Except us.

But that gives me time to indulge in my other addiction.

Knitting :D

These are some of my latest projects.

And my friend Catherine.

She's not a project.

But she's doing some knitting of her own.

Knitting a BABY! :)

Ok, enough silliness for now. Ben and I are doing well, we love you all out on the interwebs, and we are currently at 84% of our support raised. Things have slowed down a little bit, but we are hoping that it is just the last push before Hungary!