20 June, 2011



So some good friends of ours from Mesquite make truffles.  They are delicious.  And hand-painted.  And DELICIOUS!!!  Right now they are sponsoring us through the 23rd of July as their way of supporting our ministry.  Here's the deal: For every 12ct box of EPIC Truffles sold, they will donate $10 to us!  Flavors are Vanilla, Caramel, Espresso (Megan's Favorite), Pomegranate, Raspberry & Key Lime (Ben's Favorite).  Orders will be delivered to customers in DFW and shipping is available for those outside the metroplex but it does increase the cost.  

To place your order, e-mail Dona Glick at corporatetouch@mac.com
They take cash or checks made out to either Jeff or Dona Glick for $27.50

Have a sweet treat to get us on our feet!

10 June, 2011

How was training?

This is one of the most common questions that we are asked. Unfortunately, it is one of the most difficult questions to answer concisely. No one really wants to hear the five hour version, but the five second version goes something like: "umm... amazing!"

Leaves something to be desired doesn't it?

Enter: the blog!

The whole point of this wonderland of information it is provide those of you that want to know more, more!

Back to our initial question: "How was training?"

In order to tell you about it, I have to give you the cast information as well as the acts and scenes ;) (i.e. the people and the class schedule).

We started "Equipping" on Feb 7th and it went until March 10th. This class was the essentials of preparing us for cross cultural ministry.

Up next were 2 weeks of "Second Language Acquisition" (We worked on phonetics and different methods of learning language), followed by 2 weeks of "Building Dynamic Teams."

Last but not least was a week apiece for both "Sharpening Your Interpersonal Skills" and "Facilitating Church Planting Movements."

Now for the peoples (Get excited you photophiles! We are going to show you pictures!):

From bottom right to top left:
Karen, Shannon, Laurie, Ellen, Trish, Andy, Jarrett, Matt, Kari Jo, Frances, Me, Ginnie, Jon, Nathan, Steven, Kyle, Ben, Don, Tim.

This picture is not well- set up to show you who everyone is so here is a little more detail on the families we got to be closest with during our time.
Nathan, Shannon, and Josiah Clifton serving with SALT
They left for Hong Kong shortly after Equipping and are now expecting their second little one!
They are similar to us in their personalities and Josiah adopted us one night at a group movie. He sat right between us on the couch for a good portion of "Megamind." We didn't mind at all!
Follow them at: http://www.nsclifton.blogspot.com/ (I took the pic above and the one on their blog header :D)

Jarrett Furnish
Heading to Zambia to work with youth. The definition of a youth leader (aka. crazy ;)

Jon, Trish, Aaron, Anikka, & Isaiah Olvera serving with CAM International
Beautiful people. Beautiful kids. Beautiful hearts. They are going to Honduras to do camp ministry. We miss you guys!
Follow them on their journey: http://jonandtrish.net/

Steven, Kari Jo, Noah, Clay, & Cyrus Shephard serving with SIM
Left for Joss, Nigeria the 12th of May.
Steven and I matched almost exactly the same on every personality profile and so did Ben and Kari Jo. It got to be a running joke when it was time to break up into groups that Ben and Kari Jo would inevitably end up working together.
Follow them: http://shephardsinafrica.blogspot.com/

Matt, Laurie, Harley, & Blake Tandy
Currently in Guatemala to do language learning before leaving for Peru to do business as missions.  Harley is the sweetest little girl you'll ever meet and Blake is going to be a stuntman someday.  Boy couldn't stay clean if his life depended on it!

Tim & Ginnie with CAM International
The only other married couple that didn't have kids :D  Their journey to Spain began many years ago but God is finally taking them there at the end of this summer!  Ginnie is co-founder of Wonderfully Made Jewelry, a non-profit that exists to create hope for the victims of sex trafficking by providing sustainable jobs producing high quality handicrafts and jewelry.

(forgot to get a pic, see the group picture above)
Frances & Kyle Holmes
They were kind enough to lend some balance to all the young people who attended CIT.  Kyle is a retired cop and Frances is almost a retired homeschooler/domestic goddess.  Their two youngest sons will accompany them to Spain and finish high school there.

There were also three single women there going to an undisclosed country in the Middle East. They were some of the ones I grew closest to, but you will not see their pictures or real names here to protect them for the future. I will call them, "Betty," "Virginia," & "Loretta." Ladies, if you read this, I hope you appreciate the names ;) (they can be changed)!

These were the students we went through "Equipping" with and with whom we built the strongest ties. There were many other singles, couples, and families that came in and out, but these are the ones we hope to stay in touch with for a very long time.

Two other families that were not in Equipping but became fast friends:

Eric, Lisa, Hannah, & Matthew Weaver with CAM International
Serving in Mesquite, TX
Little did we know this sweet family was living just down the road from us the whole time we lived in Mesquite! Eric works at the CAM office and Lisa is a nurse, they hope to launch a ministry to the Spanish-speaking community located in East Dallas.

Scott, Jennifer, John Spencer, & Sophia Stadalsky & Megan Kibbey with UWM
These folks were at our candidate orientation last fall and are headed to Dundee, Scotland to do ministry with medical students.  John Spencer looks exactly like Anakin Skywalker from Episode I and Sophia has the BEST belly-laugh you'll ever hear!

We learned so much in our time at CIT, but the most important to me were the people that we met. They were the ones that we laughed and played with, but they were also the people praying, helping out, and supporting us through the difficult times in North Carolina. Before we shared about anything else, I wanted to share about them. If you feel so moved, please pray for these precious people and the work God is leading them to do!

That's all for today!
Yay for pictures!